My Work

rose 1my work is about finding God. in your own way, at your own time. we all can. and we all will.

what does finding God mean? finding God means: GOD IS A HUMAN. knowing that you ARE The Totality – and not much else – because you couldn’t possibly be anything otherwise.

there is one great Totality and everything including the brain you experience, the thoughts in it, the body you experience and the sensations in it are an equal functioning part of that Totality.

who is the you you refer to who “has” a brain?

the point I am making very clear right now is that it is wholly, Totally and utterly possible

to know God completely and fullyrose 2 in your life, right now –which is to say, to know Yourself, completely and fully; all the way through. no matter what kind of life you lead or where you are in it. there is no special place to start.

the Adventure of Consciousness if happening through You!  right now!  I’m saying: Open up and play the game!

it often starts with what you are not. Then it’s about what YOU ARE.

and you already are what you are. so you already know. so it’s not that difficult. it’s not a walk in the park either though – and that’s the honest truth.  it’s the game of going from weakness to strength, from lies to truth, from pain to joy; and this engages a terrifically surprising work ethic – also known as devotion. it’s the game of paradoxes and seeming counter-intuition like:

  • harshness, denial, avoidance is weakness / tenderness, vulnerability, intimacy is strength
  • closedness and protection is weakness / openness and transparency is strength
  • disconnection is weakness / connection is strength
  • striving, straining and force is not what working hard is / patience, relaxation and allowance is what hard work is
  • it is harder to leave pain for joy / it is easier to leave joy for pain
  • perfection is not perfection / the human mess is what is clean
  • you are absolutely not the body / you absolutely are the body
  • the danger is in holding on and not free falling infinitely / the safety is that there is no ground
  • there will never be one static point when it’s “over,” “reached,” or “attained” / there is a point where it is over, reached and attained (but after that it also continues on)
  • we must maintain 100% complete, simple, one pointed focused attention and sharp discernment / we must release ALL CONTROL ENTIRELY

it’s never easy to adjust and get comfortable in the endless nuance of new paradigms – and yet, that is exactly what an ADVENTURE is all about!

this is the game of high stakes Love, playing with the most powerful force around. this is the game that can make you feel better. and even better, this is the game that takes you beyond that, where you won’t need to or want to anymore.

the center of my work focuses around these questions:

do you want to find the clear note (or even cooler – the absence of sound that precedes that)?

how FREE do you want to be?

how much are you willing to let go of?

how much are you willing to make mistakes, catch them, call yourself out on them, try again and keep going?

what is it to be accountable and in integrity and authenticity to yourself and others?

what is… “others” ?

how much are you willing to love?

how Honest are you willing to be with yourself?

how much do you want to use this one precious life for something greater than your idea of yourself?

how much courage are you willing to acquire?

how much trust are you willing to acquire?

are you willing for your experience of life and yourself to continually be completely different than what you have ever previously known, even ONE SECOND before this moment – and never go back?

and the most central questions :

even if everything changes – what is still here?

 when everything that has arisen falls away,

what remains?


open to this adventure. this never ending adventure of what is true. of what is simple. of what is sane. of what is pure. what is beauty incarnate. what is alive. the adventure of letting go of your imagined boundaries and limitations and burden of responsibility and control.

finding God doesn’t mean walking around in some “boring” or “amazing” abstract “perfect” “spiritual state” all the time. partly it means that you walk around as a fully functional human being. that lives! that lives THE ENTIRETY of the human experience in all its exquisite, glorious mess; and its full SPECTRUM of physical, emotional, mental, energetic sensations flowing all of the time.

and in another side, finding god is an awareness that human and all its experiences isn’t ONLY what you are. it isn’t your deepest knowing, your core identity, your sense of your Self. but what that is, isn’t another pinpointed location. it’s what remains – even when time falls away. it is often described as a stillness, while everything else moves. a deep, vast, quiet – a silence – even as bustling, noisy action may occur in the body, in the mind, or to the ears. its much more in the realm of sense, and intuition. but really its just your very basic existence, aware you are sitting here reading this right now. but still in the end these are all just words and descriptions of a “taste.” when you taste it yourself, which you have to do, you realize the descriptions were just words… and don’t really mean anything.

finding god is knowing this and tasting this, this that has already and always been here as the YOU that has been experiencing everything.  and also it is serving this and disappearing into this ever more. letting its power do what it wants to do with the appearance of a human form, or any other form.

so there appears to be a fully functional human being, one that has no aim or agenda – but grows… and does things! the only difference is the sense of who and what- the sense of Self – that is doing the doing! and to know intimately the very root of yourself, while doing the doing, is one of the most pleasant experiences that most humans have yet to know is possible for them. this is about a fully functional human being that lives more in what is possible for it. lives without fear of anything, even death; which means it lives without judgment. that lives only to serve Love, live Love, give Love, receive Love, be Love, praise, melt, honor, worship, creatively express, or not, a simultaneously evolving and not evolving, Love.

 finding God means there is a fully functional human being that lives as an offering, as a living surrender, as a vessel to be used.

this world is your dream. you are free in it. take the journey of letting go and letting in. swim in the rich fullness of love, joy, peace, completeness, wholeness, juiciness and truth. it will be deliciously hard. it will be rewardingly testing and trying and astonishingly this will bring deep nourishment and contentment. perhaps nourishment you didn’t even know you wanted or needed. and it will be Real. it will be that Realness you have always been looking for…