an evolving flute

sara mirabai playingEverything is God. it’s a lot to take this all the way. this is something that is ever deepening, ever deepening, ever deepening.

every emotion is God, every sensation, every thought, every feeling, every desire, every experience. so that means there isn’t any room left for a separate you.

where would it be outside and separate from Totality?

an idea of a separate you, a you separate from God, couldn’t exist outside of God. God is everything. Which means God is the idea of a separate you also. which means there is no separate you.

which can only mean that what you are, is THAT, that is everything. You are That.

you could only and ever be the first thought, the first thinker. the neutral, untouchable conscious awareness that your idea of yourself and the entire universe exists within and is, as thought. I, as a human, am an expression, an experience, of THAT. I AM THAT. everything is God, so if it’s happening, then its God in expression exactly like that.

and i don’t have any control over it. and i don’t need any because if its there, in existence, then its there. the idea of me didn’t put it there; and the idea of me can’t make it go away. so its just I. what I actually am, which is my pure conscious awareness as I already know it and have always known it, experiencing itself in a completely new way every nanosecond. whatever experience or desire that is happening is happening outside of my separate control. I have tried to control things, but it is always proven that I don’t. I never have. There is nothing separate that could be in my control. The illusion of control comes with the minds ideas of good or bad, right or wrong, expectations, how I think things “should be” or “shouldn’t be”;  it uses the forces of judgement, opinion, belief – but all that actually effects is a very painful experience in the mind and subsequently in the body. But even all that too…  all that too isn’t a problem at all and doesn’t need to change whatsoever, it is just another neutral (as painful as it is) experience in the light of my consciousness.

it is how consciousness is experiencing itself as that, at that time. that kind of experience leads to consciousness experiencing itself as a lot of suffering and limitation and illusion as to what it is and what is going on. and consciousness is on this kind of, spiral journey, back to recognizing itself. the experience of recognizing itself for the pure, limitless, undivided Self that it is as – I – brings an experience of immense love, pleasure, joy, bliss, alignment, harmony, love, peace. the absence of a constant raging inner war and fight with any aspect of current reality being experienced is sometimes described with the word peace.

this recognition, at whatever level, is the beginning or continuation of a journey of more and more and more freedom, more and more and more emptiness of small ideas so that any remnants of a vessel that is in expression of – I – can be used to express more and more of the highest frequencies of myself wherever it is needed to serve myself in places where I am in more limited versions of myself.

I personally, as an expression of myself haven’t even begun to really play in these big league games of service yet and have barely begun to know myself abiding as the truth consistently without any doubts.

also, the recognition of existence recognizing itself, at whatever level, is also the beginning or continuation of the recognition that even THIS, has a Source. THIS, conscious recognition that I am an expression of everything in existence, and everything in existence is an expression of me – there is a Source, that is beyond this source-experience.this entire One play, that is many

universes – that I Am – is just one blink, to something beyond unmanifest potential and its manifestation. even though there is only One creative, imagining principle of pure potential – only One being – of which we are parts of this experiencing itself; it is still, the thinnest of veils covering something else. something else that cannot be conceived of or experienced.

and this personal individual aspect of consciousness that i call “me” has not gone through the transformation of disappearing into this black hole of myself yet… so something to look forward to!!!

so i  say, i am an evolving flute in constant process because it is an ever expanding awareness of this changeless beingness, and beyond this beingness to the absence of this beingness. how could it ever end? even if I know I am That; even if I know I am the unexperienceable before That.  all of it is without a container.

so I am ever evolving in emptying out my ideas of myself, and letting consciousness explore itself through me and use me.

right now, it is my highest excitement to serve myself in any form that I can from where I am now. to be the light I have as I have it, as it is in evolution getting brighter and easier to play by god – like the emptiness of a flute. the emptier it is, the more beautiful the music. and there is no limit, to how beautiful, music can be.


– Rumi

By God,

don’t linger

in any spiritual benefit you have gained,

but yearn for more – like one suffering

from illness

whose thirst for water is never


This Divine Court is the Plane of


Leave the seat of honor behind;


the Way

be your seat of honor.