Make Me That

Make Me That

Let me be that
A lightening rod of electricity
A vessel, 

for a taste 
of YOU.
An emptiness, for Your sound
Let me be that.
Something You can use
so I can carry You
Baby Jesus
so I can give You to others.

Let me carry You
make me something hollow
Your electricity, Your lightening is strong
for that is what you are
How can I be something for You?!
Something, so a little taste can be
Can I be that for you
Oh holy one?
I am not worthy
but still,
I am worthy to offer my unworthiness
as something for You

May I have this honor?
Is it okay to ask?
This small tiny thing I can do for You.
Let me be Your donkey
Your chariot
Your cushion
Your giver
A mother’s strong arms 
to hold 
Your preciousness
Let me be that

Oh my Love,
my Source,
my True Name
the Secret Truth
Open in Plain Sight
You who move the trees!
The stars!
The galaxies!
The birds building their nests
The flowers unfurling their petals
    The ants, the reptiles, the bees
The ice and rivers and oceans and
The atoms and blood cells and sperm,

                   neurotransmitters and hormones –
Me! My love!
Me! You move me!
And all people!

You are our minds,
Our thoughts,
Our beliefs,
You created our
Our pain
Our sorrow in
our hearts
in looking back again for you
we are mistaken,
distracted by so many other things,
in everything that has been sought,
it’s You that we have been looking for!
we didn’t see you,
we didn’t see you!

But that’s Okay!
that’s Okay!
Oh Lord!
You Are Our Illusion too!
Our blinders
Our innocent mistake.

It’s okay.

But please, let me be a place for You,
Your blinders
just You.

Oh Beloved
Oh Beloved
Oh Beloved

That’s it
Just that
All I ask
Make me that
Let me be

A Place for You
Something hollow
for a Taste
A small amount
Of your lightening
You Grace
to come through
for Others
for You
for Me
Make me that

Teach me Lord Krishna
Lord Jesus
Lord Christ
Mother Mary
Mother Durga
Sri Hanuman
Sri Ganesha
Teach me
How to be like You

How to hold MySelf
in this little cup
and pour out


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