It’s Really Easy and It’s Not a Secret

All god is is consciousness. everything is consciousness. all the time. nothing could ever not be consciousness. there is nothingIMG_3611 to “find”. there isn’t one level of consciousness that is “more” of itself then any another. there are levels where it recognizes itself more. there are levels where it doesn’t recognize itself at all and thinks its something else, something separate – that is what is called ego. but ego is just consciousness having an experience of itself at that level. the Adventure of Consciousness is just consciousness – your sense of “you” or “I” having deeper and deeper glimpses and experiences of itself. and when a different level is realized and recognized and fully accepted, it informs your experience in every other level. you feel it permeate there and radiate there. the deeper or “higher” levels are the ones that are more and more and more in alignment with itself. more in harmony with its One true nature. the absolute complete true nature of itself has no attributes whatsoever. none. impossible to understand with the human mind. but the attributes of peace, joy, bliss and love are its closest fragrances.

thats why when we are depressed it is because we are moving in the wrong direction. we are depressed because whatever we are choosing to do in our lives in that exact moment, or whatever perspective or belief we are choosing to see things from in that moment is in the direction away from the nature of ourselves. what we actually are. not our idea of ourselves that seems like a continuous story (more on that later). for now it is important to note that the levels of peace, joy, bliss and love are so out of the ordinary experiences for the common state of humanity’s consciousness that it is really hard for the average person to adjust to it, or be comfortable being or sustaining that perspective/experience of itself – at that level. meaning to fully accept that that is just a different and higher experience of what you already are. you are just moving from a state where you previously knew yourself as a different experience… continually.

so it seemed as if there was some continuity to “you” in that state. but the only continuity of “you” is the neutral awareness

that can experience anything and everything. so we call that an egoic state of experiencing, a state of experiencing where it seems there is something linear and continuing. now, at this time as a “humanity” –the human species- we are moving toward being able to be aware of a difference experience of ourselves as consciousness that doesn’t have anything linear or continuous about it apart from its own self-illuminating existence. thus consciousness as it is expressed as the whole human species will be going on the adventure of being more and more open to experiences of itself that are more in alignment and harmony with itself and what it is choosing in every moment in the form of YOU or ME. it is clearly choosing to be in a human experience if we find ourselves in a human body right here right now. (I talk about this more on the, The New Era for the Western Mind On Planet Earth, page under my work)

how consciously are we choosing what kind of human experience we are having is the question? what are we open to accepting is possible? some people sometimes experience great jolts and jumps. other people or those same people sometimes

 experience undetectable gradual shifts. some people experience a going back and forth, back and forth from higher and deeper experiences of themselves as consciousness to lower and more confining and limited experiences of themselves as consciousness. this is due to unexamined, unconsciousness, limiting beliefs; and due to a still not yet fully accepted and understood experience that What One Is: Is The Consciousness That Is Experiencing Everything. It is still all consciousness experiencing higher or lower states of itself. more self-understood or not. the painful experience when consciousness is less self-understood is what drives it to more self-understanding. that’s it. that’s all. its that’s simple. that’s the message. nothing else. nothing more complicated. done.

see? it’s that easy. not scary. not complicated. nothing painful. it doesn’t hurt. we just have to swallow this very uncomplicated, pure medicine. we just have to fully accept it, keep it down once we swallow it and let it do it’s work. and not pick up what we had to put down in order to do it, in order to swallow it and let it stay. and if we don’t keep it down, or we pick

back up what we put down – that’s okay. it’ll hurt again after a while, then we’ll put it down again,

we’ll swallow the medicine again and keep it in a little longer.

in the past this has been a long process for many people. we had to develop a humongous devotion to move at any sort of relative speed or to move at all. and also it was actually energetically and psychologically dangerous to move into this too fast. but that is changing. not that a humongous devotion isn’t still NEEDED! but that the evolution of humanity as a whole species consciousness is changing so that it will be, and is currently, a lot easier to just ~ pop ~ into this awareness in a way that isn’t dangerous as opposed to spending a lot of time in the linearity and idea of a long period of devotion or “seeking” over time to just get to – consciousness, as it is now presenting, in whatever state – right now.

you are only and just infinite potential, it’s not some big thing. you are nothing set, ever, not in the higher states of experiencing yourself, not in the lower ones where you are confused about who you are. and every nanosecond, is a new, entirely independent, experience of yourself. and if you just take a second to look into that in yourself, you’ll realize you already knew that,

like I realized I already knew that,

and I am not any different, in any way, from you.

the message, is just my own simple experience, as another experience of human on this planet.