Infinite Grey Scale of Points of Self-Recognition: Maya and Karma

from what I have studied, the highest states of enlightenment are when this power uses something floppy and limp. something with no life left in it. dead. with no will left of its own. something that used to be in a lot of illusion and think it was the author and the master of itself and separate from what it could not possibly be separate from. that thing has been described as a burnt rope before, or i see it as an outline, or a doll without any stuffing or batteries left in it. its just the power of the Great Intelligence. and yes Your Are that Great Intelligence, that being–principle, and part of finding god is finding out that there is an ever expanding and contracting grey-scale of self-recognition of That that YOU Are.

there are an INFINITE amount of points from which to view God. and every one of those points is its own gray scale of the depth of seeing and recognition of that aspect and experience. the Soul, in all of its parts of itself – is always in a flux of experiencing itself through its parts. some parts play with their life of limitation, and illusion of isolation and free-will. they grow and they learn and they suffer and they enjoy, through that toy of free-will. this is the way it was designed and there is nothing wrong with any of it.

but the part of the soul playing with its small, imagined “sovereign” story, will grow restless with playing the same game with different pieces all of the time, life after life. it will start to wonder if indeed it is as alone and in control and responsible for its own life story as it thought… this is, the One Soul, beginning to “wake up.” beginning to recognize its own self as it has always been, playing there, under its own disguise. YOU are a part of that Soul, beginning to gain consciousness from a sleep haze spell it put on itself often called Maya. and now it is beginning to SEE and RECOGNIZE ITSELF through its own infinite points, each with their own infinite gray scale.

‘maya’ and ‘karma’ are part of God but they are the parts of God that keep it from recognizing itself. they aren’t separate, but their function is to give the illusion of separation. so there has to be this play in which Self “wakes up” from this to its own Self, which includes all of it, but through consciousness of this, is no longer in the illusion of being bound to the limiting parts of the rules of it.

so it’s all itself, which is in a play with itself. and we “wake up” to the fact that we are what is in a play with ourselves. and these are our different parts to make the play happen. they are a part of us, but we have to play within the rules of these parts of ourselves we have created to make the play work. then we see at some point, inevitably, given the game that is being played with only The One Player, that all these parts are part of the functioning Totality of that One Player and so it is what “we” are as well. and we serve that, and maybe at some point we fully know we ARE that. Jeez, it is SO HUGE. SO FUCKING VAST AND HUGE. we only get little tiny bits of information at a time.

so anyway, at the beginning, this can be a disorienting and confusing process for the part of Soul/God; seeing through the smoke in front of the mirrors and letting it drift away. it’s not easy to get out of such a strong hypnosis. you gotta work. and I mean work! but it is an instantly, deeply rewarding work where you gain energy instead of lose it. it is experienced as if you are gaining consciousness, awareness, energy, clarity! as if you are finally coming alive and everything is making sense! it can be experienced as the “work” of an incredible journey, a great adventure where you never know what is next but ultimately the result is always good, it’s always the truth. and the amazing truth is: in the end, nothing was gained. this unlimited consciousness has always been here the entire time. it’s been yours, it’s been YOU. untainted, untouched, unchanged, un-gained, un-lost, with no agenda. pure. ever present in every NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW…

the entire world and universe and everything in it, including humans, is a projection of Yourselfscenes, in THIS. and thus you are no longer bound to repeating endless cycles of being human out of driving unconsciousness if you don’t want to. You are free to walk out of it and into it as you please.


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