The Great Adventure of Consciousness 


                In Gratitude to Narayana Babaand all the help, seen and seen.

This website is dedicated to my writing, essays, the nature of my spiritual  study and work, and my message to us, the human species at this time. I started this website as a space to hold the writing that started to come out while I was in Pondicherry India last year (2013). It felt to me at the time, like my thesis work or my masters work after 10 years of intense study into the nature of reality and the nature of human beings. And the 4 years of deeper study after graduating with a BA in 2009 after a very well rounded and in depth investigation of the many different areas, fields and evolutions of the human psychology field; especially in relationship to the world’s different contemplative sciences, the arts, and (strangely but relevantly enough) to economic globalization.

The fruits of all this, plus the 6 months time thus far of reintegration back to the US after India, has actually culminated in the heart centered offering of direct spiritual service, teaching and counseling individually and in groups; as well as many different variations of this experiential service geared toward different needs which can be found on the website/blog: 


The tone of this site and these writings are of a more intellectual quality. More knowledge and wisdom based or in the Yogic tradition, Jnana Yoga oriented. The tone here is intentionally this way as this section of my work for/in the world focuses (mostly) on attempting to disseminate ancient and contemporary spiritual information in a way that the western mind is more oriented too. Thus the texture has a more academic motive, while still staying only along side it, and not at all trying to be “pure academia”.

The real wisdom, though, lies purely and completely in the heart. It is beyond the current academic culture, but it does not have to exclude it. Finding the Source is and always has been a serious science and a serious art and can be approached as such.

But it must never escape awareness that it is only in the heart that true awakening of this Source in a human being happens.  

And the true wisdom, lies only,

in the pure non-dual awareness that 

holds thought and words within it.